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Captivate Your Audience with POPin Live

Real-time audience engagement platform for company meetings, conferences and classrooms

Collect questions from your audience

Your audience can enter questions from any device, before and during the event. Participants can vote and comment on others' responses.

Remove the fear of asking questions by allowing people to ask anonymously.

Control the conversation - remove inappropriate questions or comments. 

Sort responses by Most Popular and display them to your audience. 

Inclusive and productive meeting

Gather ideas from your team to make a smarter decision.

Use participants' votes and comments to easily identify the best ones.

Increase participation and creativity by allowing people to submit ideas anonymously.

Kickstart the process by gathering ideas before the meeting.

Present the most popular ideas on screen during a meeting, or export the results as a pdf or csv file.

Even more features


Allow your team to answer, vote and interact without leaving Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Advanced Reports

Get actionable insights from your audience. View, download or share the results.

Private & Secure

Control who can view and participate in your event by running private sessions.

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