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Engage Your Students with Live Polls

Audience engagement platform for interactions in and outside of the classroom

POPin Live
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POPin Live is Already Engaging Students From:

Make your lectures, events, presentations, and workshops innovative and engaging with live voting

Ask a Question

Create an interactive classroom environment .

Different poll types - multiple choice, scale and yes/no questions. 

Surveys - combine multiple polls.


Get Responses

Create an exciting collaborative environment.

Your students can use their phones or computers to vote. 

Share ideas and interact with each other's responses. 


They can like, dislike and comment on each other's responses

Share Results  

Present clear, real-time results.

Promote a discussion and keep your students involved and motivated.

Continue the discussion outside of the classroom.


Learn How POPin Live Is Used In The Class

Use POPin to validate ideas, help plan lessons and get feedback while keeping your students more involved and motivated

Josh Kitchens | Director Archival Studies, Clayton State University

"It was really validating for me as an instructor to know my students could really grasp and apply the material."

Dr. Christopher Ritter | Assistant Professor, Clayton State University

"They were happy about the class, and POPin provided functionality that our previous tool couldn't even come close to doing."

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